Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Whether you decorate your house to be scary or kid-friendly is up to you. Just remember that there could be anywhere from 25 to 125 children out on the sidewalks and streets of Birch Glen this Friday evening. Their safety and enjoyment is extremely important. Decorate, but make sure there are no tripping or fire hazards on your property.

Monday, 30 June 2014

New fireworks rules for Mississauga

Where can you set off fireworks on Canada Day?

Mississauga has instituted new rules for fireworks displays which limits where residents can set off private fireworks. See this article in the Mississauga News for details.

Briefly ... fireworks displays are permitted only on private property. They are not permitted on public streets at all, nor in public parks unless residents or groups apply for a special permit.

For those residents who want to celebrate Canada Day with fireworks, please abide by the new rules -- or go to Port Credit or Celebration Square to view the sanctioned public displays.

Whatever you do, have a happy and safe Canada Day!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

New Lights for Birchwood

The City has installed new lights along the pathway in Birchwood Park. The lights went in on Monday, May 5. We understand that the old ones will be removed once the full installation has been completed and the new lights are functioning. We hope they will provide a brighter, more efficient and consistent light source on the path. Let us know what you think.

Misuse of New Garbage Cans in Birch Glen Park

We were all pleased to see the two new Recycle/Garbage cans that the City of
Mississauga Parks Department had installed on the North side of the pathway in Birch Glen Park. Brand new and bright blue, they replaced the old rusty ones we had by the bridge before. We had a new repository for litter and dog poop. But it looks as though some residents have something else in mind.
      On a recent walk through the park, the cans contained bags of household garbage as well as food waste that should have gone into a green bin. This has been reported to the Parks Department for follow-up.
       All residents of this neighbourhood should be aware that garbage, recycling and organic waste is collected once a week on Tuesday, and that it must be placed on the curb in front of each house. Two bags are permitted per address. Additional waste must have a tag. 
         Owners who have a secondary or rental apartment in their home should ensure their renter can place waste at the curb to prevent it ending up in the park waste bins.