Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Open House Information Centre a Great Success!

Wow! Residents came out in relatively large numbers to view the information boards set up by Councillor Karen Ras and City of Mississauga staff last night in Birch Glen Park. They were able to ask questions, make comments and suggestions. And moreso, they saw the vision that the City has for multiple improvements to the park area -- its pathways, retaining walls, the children's playground and lighting.

A really big thank you to Councillor Ras for bringing this Information Open House to us, and for holding it in our neighbourhood -- in the place where the project will actually happen. Thankfully, the weather cooperated (we just wish the mosquitoes had stayed away!). 

This is a major improvement project that has been on the books for about 7 years, but was recently fast-tracked due to an infusion of Federal Infrastructure money that will see improvements for our playground and pathways, as well as the children's playground in Birchwood Paark (near the baseball diamonds and soccer pitches) and along Sheridan Creek Trail. We feel extremely fortunate that our own Birch Glen Park has been selected to receive this much needed upgrade.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures last night. However, I can tell you that the pavilion set up in the park was filled with residents who were interested in knowing what was in store for the park and creek area. The last stragglers left just after 7:00 p.m., as the sun was going down. A great evenihng!

We cannot publish all of the details at this time, but will update you as information comes in. What we do know is that both the east/west and north/south pathways will be repaved, that new retaining walls will be installed along the north/south pathway from Kos Blvd. to Ithaca/Lefkas. The planter boxes in this area will be removed and replaced. And the children's playground will be replaced with modern equipment. Again, we do not have the final details. Last night's open house provided the City with a great deal of feedback.

Meanwhile, the rehabilitation of the culvert under Kos Blvd. is still happening. 

We will keep you informed as to when the work will be underway for both of these projects. And we will provide links to the project when they become available.

We would be interested in your comments on the evening and the presentation.