Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Housing Developments in Clarkson-Lorne Park area

The landscape of Clarkson-Lorne Park is changing with a number of housing and business developments being proposed during the latter part of 2016 and the early part of 2017. Here are some of the applications being considered by the City of Mississauga Planning & Building staff:
  1. 1190-1200 Lorne Park Road -- This is the site of the now-closed St. Paul's Anglican Church, just north of the plaza, and on the corner of Lorne Park Road and Garden Road. The applicant's proposal is to revise the official plan and zoning to permit a condominium development consisting of 4 semidetached homes and 6 townhouses on the east portion of the property, plus 2 freehold detached and 2 freehold semi-detached homes fronting onto Garden Road. Information can be found on the City of Mississauga's website at 
  2. 1101-1109 Clarkson Road North -- Currently, this site houses a couple of vacated properties (the former Auld & Son butcher shop, and a former luxury car sales and detailing operation), as well as a yoga studio, bicycle shop, medical facilities  The developer is proposing four (or five) buildings that could possibly house 136 four-storey stacked back-to-back townhouses parallel to Clarkson Road on the south side of the railroad tracks. Also proposed -- some retail adjacent to, and parallel to, the tracks, with the road/driveway access on the north side of the property between the retail buildings and the townhouses. City Council and residents oppose this application, The developer has already appealed this decision to the OMB.
  3. 1137 and 1141 Clarkson Road North -- This heritage property is located immediately north of the railroad tracks on the east side of Clarkson Road. The applicant is proposing to revise the official plan and zoning to permit two detached homes on Hollow Oak Terrace and additional commercial and office uses within the existing heritage dwelling known as The Clarkson Paisley House (1141 Clarkson Road North).  
  4. 2200 Bromsgrove Road -- The plan here is to develop 84 three-storey back-to-back stacked townhouses. This property is immediately east of a newly-proposed 104 townhouse development by a different applicant and owner.
  5. 1516-1526 Southdown Road  -- The applicatant is proposing build a two-storey office building on what is currently a residential property.
Public meetings have already been held for each of these proposed developments. However, if you are interested in information on any of these projects, you can search for information online either through the Google search engine or on the City of Mississauga website. It is interesting to note that three of the four housing applications are for back-to-back stacked townhouses. A public information centre was held at the Living Arts Centre on March 29 to discuss how the City of Mississauga will approach and handle applications for stacked, back-to-back, and stacked back-to-back townhouses. The discussion was lively and some interesting points were raised regarding accessibility, appearance, setback, and landscaping.