Friday, 29 July 2011

Bore Hole Drilling by Region Staff

You may have noticed some activity on the streets yesterday and today -- trucks and workers on Ithaca and Lefkas Court yesterday and on Kos Blvd. today. They are from the Region of Peel.  They are drilling bore holes, a precursor to the major work of replacing the watermains throughout the neighbourhood.

We may know next week when that work will begin, but we have no way of knowing when it will end. The work is absolutely necessary -- see the previous post about sinkholes -- and we are grateful that it is being done. It may be messy and cause some disruptions to traffic during construction, but that is to be expected. Please be patient and co-operative.

After the watermain work is completed, the City's Transportation and Works department will be coming in to repave all of the streets. Again, we do not have a timeline for this, but it will likely not happen until 2012, depending on how long the watermain work takes.

We will be keeping you up to date through this blog as things happen. Please feel free to comment or question here as well.