Friday, 13 April 2012

Stay Out of Birchwood Park!

As mentioned in the previous post, Birchwood Park is closed for scheduled work by the City of Mississauga Community Services Department beween April and October 2012. This means that everyone is asked not to enter the park during the next few months.
          Barriers have been placed at all entrances to the park. Unfortunately, some people believe that barriers are not meant for them -- already the one on Kos Blvd was knocked over yesterday. Well, it has been set back up, and is larger and wider! Please respect the closures and the barriers. It may seem an inconvenience to you at the moment, but you will all survive the extra steps it takes to walk along the street instead of through the park. And, who knows, the exercise may benefit you in the long run.
         Please refer all questions to the Project Manager, Michael Gusche, at (905) 615-3200 ext. 5363.