Sunday, 4 November 2012

Invalid Phone Cards from Local Convenience Store

A resident reported that a phone card purchased from the local convenience store on Johnsons Lane was already expired prior to the purchase. Although this seems hard to believe, it is true.
         When the resident attempted to return the card to the convenience store for a refund, the proprietor refused to refund the price or replace the card. This, even though it was done on the same day as the purchase, within half an hour of purchase! He did not offer any explanation for the problem, not did he make any effort to rectify it. The resident telephoned the card provider, Maximum, to file a complaint and to see if they could do anything to solve the problem. The company was able to determine that the particular card had expired in 2005 -- that is seven (7) years ago!!! To help the resident, Maximum agreed to provide a new PIN so that the card could be used. They may not have been required to do so, but it does show good customer relations.They also are following up with the store to determine why this happened.
          Meanwhile ... Advice from Maximum to all residents of Birch Glen, and any other person who shops at the Johnsons Lane convenience store is:
  • DO NOT purchase any pre-paid phone cards from this convenience store;
  • Be aware that stores of this sort often buy product from other stores that are going out of business, and that some of this product may already be expired or past its "best buy" date;
  • Also realize that smaller stores may not have a return policy -- buyer beware.
Has anyone else had this same concern with phone cards purchased from the convenience store? Have there been problems with other expired products? Please let us know by commenting on this post. Let us and other residents know.