Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Green Bin, Blue & Garbage Receptacle Take Back Event in Peel!

Do you still have your "old" green bin cluttering up your garage or yard? The Region of Peel will hold a series of "Take Back Events" throughout the region in July and August at which residents will be able to bring their unwanted old (small) green bins and blue bins. 

Ward 2 residents can bring their old bins to the Lakeview Water Trestment Facility, 920 East Ave., Mississauga on Saturday, July 23, 2016, 8:00 a.m. to 1;00 p.m.

For details on which containers are accepted at this event, visit This link will also provice information on additional dates and sites for return of unwanted bins. 

However, if you wish to keep your old blue and green bins for use around the yard, the Region has these ideas for re-using the containers:
  • Use your old green bin to store pet food, bird seed, barbeque charcoal, sand or sidewalk salt.
    • (Editor's note: I would not recommend this use -- the bin covers always leaked during a rainstorm and allowed rainwater to seep into the bins. I would be concerned about moisture getting in and spoiling any of the above suggestions)!
  • Use your old blue box or grey box to:
    • Hold recyclables before putting them in your recycling cart.
    • Hold yard waste for setting on the curb. A blue/grey box must be clearly labelled with a yard waste sticker or “Yard Waste” clearly written in paint or permanent marker.
    • Store items around your home or in your shed or garage.