Thursday, 7 July 2016

On the Verandah Summer Concerts at Benares Historic House

It is time for the "On the Verandah Summer Concerts"  at Benares Historic House, 1507 Clarkson Road N. in Clarkson. These concerts are hosted by the Friends of the Museums

The concerts take place every Friday night during the summer months of June, July and August and are held on the lawn (in front of the verandah) of our own historic house and museum. Although the concerts are open to anyone who wants to attend, they are "Pay-What-You-Can", with a suggested donation of $10.

We are a bit late in posting the scheduled concerts (we missed all of June), so we will start with the July offerings:

  • July 1      Jazz Plazma
  • July 8      Age of Reason
  • July 15    The OCTOKATS
  • July 22    Rob Tardik
  • July 27    Cooper and Maciag
  • Aug 5      Laura Fernandez
  • Aug 12    Quantum Brass
  • Aug 19    Tala — South Asian Music Night
  • Aug 26    Burlington Welsh Male Chorus
The concerts are a regular summer happening in Clarkson and are well worth the outing. On your own, on a date, with friends or with the whole family, try to attend at least one of these concerts this summer. Who knows ... it could become a regular weekly outing! 

Support the Friends of the Museums and let them know you are interested in more events of this sort. You could also search them out on Facebook! Or check out the brochure at