Sunday, 14 February 2010

Taken: 1 set of summer tires!

Our neighbourhood is considered one of the safer neighbourhoods in Mississauga by Peel Regional Police but, sometimes, a resident experiences a break-in that makes them wonder how safe they are. Recently, a garage was broken into and the thief (or thieves) stole a set of summer tires -- nothing else, just the tires. This leaves us to scratch our heads and wonder what the thieves were up to. Did they notice the car parked outside the garage, see that it had winter tires on, and thnk "I need a set of summer tires for a car just like this, and this is as good a place to get them as any"? Boggles the mind, really.

So what can we do as a neighbourhood?
  1. If anyone has any information about this, please respond to this post.
  2. To protect our homes and possessions, make sure that you do have a lock on your garage door and lock it at all times. Don't leave the door open if you are not within sight -- it just takes a moment for a thief to enter, take what he wants, and leave, often without you knowing. People usually don't have an alarm attached to their garage doors, but it might be good if we did;
  3. Also make sure that you lock your car doors at all times -- even if it is inside your garage. Thieves are attracted to GPS systems, radios, boom boxes, CD players, anything related to technology -- and it doesn't matter whether it is is permanently "installed" or not for them to attempt to take it. Modern cars sometimes have the capability to lock themselves automatically a short time after the engine has been turned off, but don't take that for granted. Get into the habit of locking it yourself when you exit the car.
This type of crime is simply one of opportunity and does not reflect on surroundings or personalities; it happens all the time all over the city and all the time. That doesn't make it acceptable, far from it! Unfortunately, it happened here within the past week and it is unnerving to the victims, and to the neighbourhood in general. Help us out if you can.