Sunday, 12 September 2010

House Break-in Reported on Labour Day

On Monday, September 6 - the last day of the Labour Day long weekend - a home on Kos Blvd. in the neighbourhood was broken into and some valuable items were stolen. The homeowners were present and did see - and confront - the thief immediately outside the home, but were unaware at the time of the confrontation that the thief had already been inside their house and may have already taken items out of the house. Thus, they allowed the person to leave their property. It was only later that they realized they had been robbed and immediately contacted the police, who came out to investigate that evening. A police report has been filed and a description of the thief has been given to the police.
     At this time, we would appreciate hearing from residents both in the vicinity of the break-in and throughout the neighbourhood to find out if there were any other incidents of this sort that night or anytime over the Labour Day weekend. Also, if you know of similar incidents anywhere close to our neighbourhood around that timeframe, please let us know.
     Birch Glen is regarded as one of the safer neighbourhoods in Mississauga and we would like to keep it that way. We realize that break-ins and occurances of this type can happen anywhere and are usually a crime of convenience. That description, however, does not make those who are victims of such crime feel any better or any safer. That is why it is important for anyone with pertinent information to come forward.
     As reported, a description of the thief has been given to the police although he has not yet been identified. If anyone saw or heard anything in the vicinity of Kos Blvd. or the children's playground in Birch Glen Park, please get in touch with us either through this blog or by email ( or through our website ( Comments to the blog can be anonymous; emails will be kept confidential.